Linguistic Web Initiative

Language Faculty

Language Faculty is the unique natural human ability to process complex syntactic structures.  Together with the “conceptual-intentional” and “senso-motor” subsystems, it facilitates the human abilities of understanding and speech.

Language Faculty is a subject of study by theoretical linguists.

Theoretical Linguistics

After many years of intensive research in the field of theoretical linguistics, there has been significant progress in the deciphering of the general properties of human language. The recent expansion of research beyond English and other familiar European languages has enabled the refinement and verification of the central discoveries of theoretical linguistics.

Software startups compete in how many decades of fruitful research in theoretical linguistics they choose to ignore. A typical startup skips four or five. One of the leading linguistic companies is way ahead by using a linguistic parser that implements the state of the art linguistic framework from the late eighties…

Meaning Description Language

Relying on outdated theoretical frameworks is not the only problem of today’s linguistic technologies.  Another problem is the fact that the output produced is a complex and model-dependent parse tree. This does not provide application developers with any significant advantage in comparison to dealing with plain text directly.

The progress achieved by theoretical linguistics in the study of the human Language Faculty has opened the possibility of expressing at least the partial meaning of the natural language phrases in a way which is precise and scientifically sound.

The early version of this idea was awarded the 2007 Horizon Award by Computerworld.

Linguistic Web

Standardization of the Meaning Description Language will enable the clear division of labor between providers of linguistic analysis technology on the one side, and the application developers on the other.  While Linguistic intelligence companies will provide the service of translating the natural language to the standard formal meaning description language, the language oriented applications will put these results to practical use.  This, in turn, makes the Linguistic Web possible.


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